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It's time to deliver the schools our keiki deserve.


Hawai'i spends less on education than any other state, when total tax dollars are considered. Our state's teacher shortage has climbed to roughly 1,000 positions annually because of low teacher pay and bloated class sizes. Our students are mired in standardized tests, rather than real-life learning.


As a long-time teacher, I am committed to strengthening our education system. I will champion legislation to increase funding for public schools, raise teacher pay, and lower class sizes, I will also support efforts to repair deteriorating facilities and replace standardized testing with authentic assessment that aligns with real-world problem-solving. 


I will sponsor proposals to give additional resources to special education classes, so that our most vulnerable keiki have the tools they need to succeed. And I will advocate for measures that will provide a free college education to all, placing a higher education within everyone's grasp. 

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