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To uplift Hawai'i's people, we must save our planet.


According to the Hawai’i Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission, over the next 30 to 70 years, sea level rise will expose approximately 6,500 structures and 19,800 people statewide to chronic flooding, costing our state $19 billion and endangering public health. 


To combat climate change, we must grow green jobs by investing heavily in renewable energy. We should hasten our transition to a clean economy by requiring new buildings to meet green standards and providing incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles.  


I will also support efforts to begin a managed retreat from our shorelines in areas that will be significantly impacted by sea level rise. Finally, I will advocate for green fees and a carbon tax to generate the revenue needed to decarbonize our economy and preserve our 'āina.

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