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Letʻs put Hawaiʻi on the roadway to success. 


Traffic is a quality of life issue. For too many people, the daily commute has become a source of frustration, taking time away from our loved ones. Numerous studies show that rush-hour congestion, high gas prices, and dilapidated roads make Hawaiʻi's streets tough to drive on. 

I believe that we should invest in repairing our roadways, so that commuters can feel confident behind the wheel. I also support building rail to Ala Moana, while increasing fiscal oversight to ensure that every dollar is accounted for. 

I support expanding zipper lane access during rush hour commutes. To advance Hawai'i's clean transportation goals, we should build more charging stations for electric vehicles and require all new developments to reserve a higher percentage of parking stalls for EVs. 

Finally, as transportation continues to evolve, Hawaiʻi should get ahead of the curve by designing the infrastructure and regulations needed to accommodate driverless cars and air taxis, which are already being deployed in big cities. 

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